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RECRUITING PROCESS Here's how one becomes part of INCRESE family

Once potential candidates are identified, more extensive information obout UNILIC is provided.

Approved applicants receive written commitment witch clearly defines the relationship. Applicants are then considered "candidates"

Those who have acquired such a status will have the right and contracted obligation of initiating the corresponding process we call filter 2.

Is made of the following elements:
1. If necessary, the candidate is equipped in Ecclesiology - 2. If necessary , the candidate is equipped in Bible-theology. 3. The candidate presents his "Life Plan" - 4. Presentation of a written work of aspects such as: a. Doctrine / b.Ministry Policies / c.Perspective concerning distinctive of UNILIC / d.Vision, mision and values - 5. The candidate is assigned a ministry "coach". - 6. The candidate's church becomes a member of UNILIC (except point 7) - 7. In thecase where the leader is a pastor of congregation that is not part of UNILIC, the leader must begin, with all the authorities of his/her congregation, the process of affiliation with UNILIC.

Once Filter 2 is concluded and approved, the leader is certified as an affiliated laborer of UNILIC

The certified leader is authorized to develop a project as part of UNILIC, and is able to rely on the backup and benefits of this insitution

Through a process not yet well defined, each leader will be provided the opportunity to obtain his ordination as a minister of UNILIC.

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